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We can pick you up anywhere within 90 minutes’ drive of San Francisco—at your home, hotel, ship's terminal, or the airport!

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Locales from Hitchcock's “Vertigo” (The Movie) Tour

Thriller, eccentric love story, psychological exploration, "Vertigo" is a truly spellbinding movie. Its many layers of exposition and meaning, however, require a second, even third viewing. Released in 1958, "Vertigo" has moved from #68 to #9 on AFI's Top 100 List of Great American Cinema.  In its September 2012 issue of The Greatest Movies of All Time, the British Film Institute now ranks it  #1!

Mission Dolores CemeteryActual locales in San Francisco and farther south are virtually characters--evocative and intriguing even if you haven't seen the film.

Let us help you enjoy the enchanted mood of this masterpiece (including Bernard Herrmann's brilliant soundtrack). We can pick you up anywhere within a ninety-mile radius of downtown San Francisco.

Tour Options

  • The town of San Juan Bautista, lost in time, steeped in charm [Full-Day Version Only]
  • Mission Dolores: is Carlotta Valdez buried here?
  • The surf crashing at the base of Fort Point, beneath the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Madeleine's hotel on elite Nob Hill, Judy's apartment nearby, and Scotty's home below the "Crookedest Street in the World"

Why Tour with Us to Experience Locales from Hitchcock's "Vertigo"?

    Why tour with A Friend in Town and not just rent your own car? Because driving yourself, you'll waste time figuring out exactly where everything is, then looking for parking. With us, you'll learn more about the historic city in which the characters lived and Hitchcock worked, while enjoying the vistas.

“It was nice to get the unexpected 'extras'”

“I loved your tour—I'm a huge Hitchcock & Vertigo fan, so finally getting to see the key locations from the film and wander around them, taking photos, was wonderful! I think the most emotionally satisfying moments of the tour...were the first chance to walk on a genuine film location (at San Juan Bautista), and the iconic view of the Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Point… It was nice to get the unexpected 'extras' of the Avenue of Tall Trees, the sanitarium-hospital, and the Portals of the Past… I enjoyed the discussion we had about Novak's acting, the colour symbolism, the changes to the original story, and how Scottie got down from the gutter."

– Andy E. (Reading, England)

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Our "Vertigo" Itinerary

    Locales from Hitchcock's "Vertigo" can be experienced as a full (10-hour) day wherein we spend the morning focused on the charmingly unaffected town of San Juan Bautista, site of the essential tower scenes. Then back in the City we visit all the extant sites which provide the frame for most of the film. If you don't have time for the full-day tour, we can cover "Vertigo"'s San Francisco (only) sites in about 4 hours.

    [Full-day Itinerary] The tour begins with a scenic drive via Silicon Valley to the part Old Mexico, part Old West town of San Juan Bautista. You'll have an hour (or more) to explore the well-preserved and still-active mission church (location of two "accidental" sudden deaths), its large traditional garden, the livery stable (replete with carriages and other historic conveyances) where Madeleine seems en-tranced, and numerous rich souvenirs of our colonial and frontier heritages. You may pick up a snack to enjoy while exploring the town's many antique shops—before we head up to San Francisco for lunch.

    The second half of the day begins with a visit to Mission Dolores (San Francisco's oldest building) and its 220-year-old cemetery, as did Madeleine in search of…her past. We stop at several places that detective "Scottie" Ferguson and Judy would have found familiar: the grand Palace of the Legion of Honor (art museum), Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge, the other-worldly Palace of Fine Arts, the "Crookedest Street in the World," and elite Nob Hill. Sometimes we bring our enchanted day to a climax with a drive to Twin Peaks—to test your vertigo.

“An amazing and unforgettable time.”

“I had an amazing and unforgettable time. San Juan Bautista was great and I am glad that I spent some time there to enjoy thoroughly. …One other thing I most enjoyed is that the tour was not just solely based on vertigo and that we also learned a lot about san fran's past, its future and other demographic factors."

– Allen Z. (Sydney, Australia)

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