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Sausalito Tour

sausalitoYou've heard of it--the beautiful hillside town of Sausalito-- famous for its picturesque waterfront promenade along San Francisco Bay. You may want to see it briefly before having lunch at an excellent restaurant offering views of the Bay and City, as part of our "Everybody's Favorite City" tour.

Afterwards we take a look at the publicly accessible part of Sausalito's unique houseboat community—nearly 900 individually crafted and colorful homes, the inspiration (some say) for Otis Redding's globally famous "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay." From there we can continue to Muir Woods, an ancient forest of towering redwoods. Sausalito is also home to the Marine Mammal Center (a hospital for harbor seals, sea lions and others in a spectacular setting) and to the Bay Model.

If you want a deeper and more entertaining exploration of Sausalito's stories and current vibrancy, we recommend that you consider making arrangements with our local contact who offers both one- and three-hour walking tours filled with historical anecdotes and surprises: if it's a weekend, you might choose to continue your Sausalito adventure with her.

Or  you may prefer an entire day touring the outstanding pastoral and oceanside beauty of Marin, the county for which Sausalito is a gateway. Enjoying the 360-degree panorama of our bridges and Alcatraz from the deck of a ferry as you cross the Bay from Sausalito is a great option for closing out the afternoon.

There are so many reasons why we're your best choice for a day tour in our San Francisco Bay Area!


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