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Sonoma Savored: Wine Tasting in tranquil Sonoma Valley

lavenderTour Options

  • Tastings at 2, 3 or 4 beautiful and unique wineries
  • Educational tour by a local expert, if desired, that explores the process of how grapes are transformed into wine…with tastings
  • Gourmet Lunch from a deli or at a famous restaurant
  • Quaint towns: Glen Ellen, Kenwood, Sonoma
  • Scenic backroads with panoramic views
  • Multi-Day Tour Option: Stay overnight in Wine Country, or travel daily from San Francisco/nearby for 2-3 consecutive days. This option allows for more visits to wineries, more great meals, a balloon ride, mud bath and massage, cooking class, bicycling along country lanes, hiking in redwood forests, exploring Napa, Sonoma, Healdsburg, Livermore...so many ways to re/create!l

“Jesse provided a relaxing, stress-free day for us.”

“Great tour!… Jesse provided a relaxing, stress-free day for us. He was very knowledgeable about the different wineries and was able to alter our tour based upon our special requests. He allowed us to set the pace, and didn't make us feel rushed to get an agenda completed. The ride was clean and comfortable. The wineries were interesting and fun. And Jesse was conversational and entertaining…”

– Kelley H. (Tampa, Florida)

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Afterglow or Regret?

     Choosing what to do with your limited time and resources is important and irreversible. Once back home either you live in the afterglow of a wonderful experience—reviewing your pictures, recalling stunning panoramas and many priceless moments. Or you regret that you wasted your time herded in a crowded bus, tired and frustrated in a rent-a-car or way over budget in a limo. Sightseeing in the San Francisco Bay Area is expensive and while you may "save" $$ by opting for the cheaper alternative, you're sure to miss many hidden gems of the city, an unique winery, that truly memorable ocean vista.

     Make the mistake of choosing a big-bus tour and you pay the least per-person but must start the tour in a place convenient to them, spend most of your time looking through a window, missing many of the smaller family-owned and literally off-the-beaten-path wineries that are forbidden to buses. Forget spontaneity as the itinerary cannot respond to your requests. Most big buses go to wineries where you're often in crowds and exhorted to hurry. You get what you pay for.

     Choose to rent a car and spend precious time picking it up then poring over maps and getting lost anyway. As you drive you won't know what you're passing and you'll have no one to ask. You risk getting caught in traffic bottlenecks, missing the most scenic and interesting routes and off-road attractions, wasting time searching for gas stations, and if you're the driver, you can't take in the sights if you want to avoid an accident, and shoudn't drink and drive. And if you're not careful, you'll spend a bundle on fines.

     Choose a limo and pay more—often a lot more with all their hidden fees—twist around in your seat since limos position you with your back to the scenery, experience a driver who's not necessarily an historian or knowledgable about history or architecture, and forget about visiting some fascinating places where limos cannot physically go. And you won't enjoy limos if you have to be careful with your knees or back.

     Come with us and we'll help you remember that you're on vacation…minimizing your stress, maximizing your pleasure.

There are many more reasons why we're your best choice for a tour of our California Wine Country!

'Sonoma Savored' Itinerary

      When you ascend the hill to enter Matanzas Creek under its 200-year-old oaks, you know your day is going to be special. Your tour begins overlooking their two-acre lavender garden and ends with a tasting of their exceptional wines. Moving through the dappled landscape of northern Sonoma Valley, we have many options for lunch:

Connoisseurs' Choice: Specialized Tours Where You Select the Wineries

For the connoisseur who knows exactly what s/he wants…you name the 4 or 5 wineries you most want to see. "Connoisseurs' Choice" tours are by definition "private" and are priced accordingly. Would you like to venture out to the spectacular Alexander Valley or Anderson Valley, or south to Carmel Valley or farther north to Mendocino…or even to stay overnight? Unleash your imagination.

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