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We can pick you up anywhere within 90 minutes’ drive of San Francisco—at your home, hotel, ship's terminal, or the airport!

Yosemite National Park (Overnight) Tour

yosemite_halfdomeTour Highlights

  • Tour in an open-air tram, narrated by an expert Park Ranger, introducing you to the magnificent Yosemite & Bridalveil Falls, unique "Half Dome" mountain and other Yosemite Valley landmarks
  • Lunch in the cavernous dining room of the Majestic Hotel, an architectural masterpiece inside and out
  • Panoramic vista from Glacier Point, 3,200 feet above the Valley floor, at sunset
  • Time for hiking, bicycling, rafting, photography or a tour of the Mariposa Grove of giant sequoias (some of the tallest, oldest, most impressive trees on earth)

Why Go On an Overnight Tour with Us to Yosemite?

Why tour Yosemite with A Friend in Town and not just rent your own car or go with one of the other Yosemite tour companies? Because driving yourself, you'll arrive too tired to enjoy your first day and whoever drives will have to rest the second day in order to be ready for a 4-5 hour return trip. (The computer map may show less than 4 hours, but you'll need to slow down during the last hour in the mountains and maybe stop en route for gas, snacks, the privy.) Most other tour companies cram Yosemite into one day, which saves you the expense of lodging, but leaves you precious little time to appreciate this very unique place. Or, you can get there on your own with Amtrak—if you succeed in reaching the station in time, and if you want to devote most of a day just getting there, and most of another getting back. We pick you up at your home or hotel, take you to the Park then to whichever lodging suits you best…and do it all so that it minimizes your stress, maximizes your enjoyment.

Our Yosemite Itinerary

       We leave early, in order to arrive in time for lunch at a national treasure, the Majestic Hotelunique in its magnificent siting and striking beauty. (Its dining room is considered one of the most remarkable indoor spaces in our country.) Afterwards, you board the two-hour Tram Tour, which orients you to the best-known landmarks (Half Dome, Bridalveil Falls, El Capitan) of Yosemite Valley. We then check-in to whichever hotel, lodge or campground you've arranged, and (if you so choose) we take you up to Glacier Point, over 3,200 feet above the Valley floor, to observe sunset as you've never seen it before.

     The next day you have eight or more hours! to: hike up to the Falls; go bicycling; raft down the Merced River; take the Park Service's bus tour of the incomparable Mariposa Grove (giant sequoias); visit the Pioneer Center and its Miwok Indian 'village'; shop for souvenirs…whatever you choose. We meet to check out in late afternoon, with the aim of being out of the mountains before dark...have a light dinner en route...and arrive back in San Francisco about 5 hours after departing Yosemite...having experienced, in a relaxing way, one of the most spectacularly beauty-full places on the planet.

Available approx. late March through early July: However, finding available lodging may require several weeks/months' advance notice.

Our fee for this tour is $2,200 for 1-5 people, and does not include lodging. (Please note that if you are being referred by a Travel Agent, s/he may add a commission, a fee for finding and making arrangements with us, to your total. You may decide to stay at the historic, luxurious Majestic Hotel, a tented cabin in the Valley itself or a motel in a nearby community. (Sometimes we may be able to help you find a place to stay…the earlier the better.)

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